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  • VITA will be at the Capranichetta on May 9, 2023 hosting the event “Stolen Sovereignty and Imagined Sovereignty”
VITA al Capranichetta il 9 Maggio 2023 con l’evento “La Sovranità Rapita e Sovranità Immaginate”

VITA will be at the Capranichetta on May 9, 2023 hosting the event “Stolen Sovereignty and Imagined Sovereignty”

“The truth is always enlightening. It helps us to be brave” Aldo Moro

Sara Cunial, President of VITA: ” With the truth about the Moro case begins the search for a new LIFE (VITA): nowadays we have the urgency to grow new individual and community sovereignty in order to redeem our dignity. We are rededicating ourselves to the creation of new spaces of social and political freedom: the language will be essential in defining the world we want and the tools we aim to use.”

VITA presents ” Stolen Sovereignty and Imagined Sovereignty,” an event in Rome on May 9, marking the 45th anniversary of Aldo Moro’s death and the birth of the European Union, at the Capranichetta in Montecitorio Square, in front of the Parliament.

The event is composed by two sessions: “Stolen Sovereignty,” in the morning, with the screening of chosen scenes from the Docufilm “It’s Not an Accident, Moro” (Non è un caso, Moro) and “Imagined Sovereignty,” a generative moment in which VITA dialogues with the civil and political society to discuss topics of Peace, Biodiversity, Economy and Language.

The participants at the morning event “Stolen Sovereignty” will include the Hon. Claudio Signorile, former Socialist Party deputy during the Aldo Moro days; Sara Cunial, president of VITA; Linda Corrias, lawyer; Paolo Cucchiarelli, journalist and author of the investigations from which is based Tommaso Minniti’s docufilm “It’s Not an Accident, Moro”( Non è un caso, Moro); and Luca Marini, lawyer, international law professor at La Sapienza University and vice president of the National Bioethics Committee.

Margherita Furlan, director of La casa del Sole Tv, will serve as moderator of the debate.

The afternoon meeting, “Imagined Sovereignty,” will be moderated by Sabrina Aguiari, VITA Organizing Manager and it will be hosted by: Ugo Mattei, jurist and Law Professor; Berenice Galli, Comitato no guerra no NATO; Don Pietro Cesena, diocese of Piacenza; Veronica Giannone, former MP, who now heads VITA External Relations; Carlo Papalini, VITA Coordinator for Umbria; Daniela Conti, popularizer expert in molecular genetics; Fabrizio Daldi, horticulturist; Mario Apicella, agronomist; Marco Palanghi, Pesaro Comitato Cittadini Liberi di Pesaro; Domenico D’Amico, VITA Guarantor, PhD, Currency and Monetary Reforms Expert; Guido Giacomo Preparata, Economist and Sociologist; Davide Tutino, Resistenza Radicale; Paolo Renati, Engineer and Materials Scientist, PhD in Physics of Complex Systems, specializing in Electrodynamics; Maurizio Ambrosini, Architect; Davide Barillari, VITA Treasurer; Mirella Santamato, Poet and Writer; and Adele Lamonica, Psychopedagogist, Counselor, Biosymbologist, Trainer, Writer and VITA Scientific Officer.

“We all deserve a LIFE (VITA) in the pursuit of freedom and truth, which is why we invited high school children to the event: we must give young Italians hope for a valuable future; human beings are talents, not commodities,” Sara Cunial continued.

“Stolen Sovereignty and Imagined Sovereignty” inaugurates a series of events that will take place across Italy in the coming weeks to tell another story: the one of a man’s free politics for his nation which destabilized international balances and paid an unspeakable price. 

The abduction and killing of Aldo Moro represents the violent act that stands as a milestone in the process of limiting the sovereignty of the Italian Republic and the increasing control of national politics by external actors and interests. The outcome of Moro’s visit to the United States during 1974 is well summarized by his wife’s testimony on the content of Moro’s meeting with Kissinger, “Either you give up your political line, or you will pay a high price for it.”

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